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Acutronic Fabian HFO is the third generation Fabian Neonatal Ventilator. Fabian HFO, with Volume Guarantee, delivers consistent and comfortable tidal volumes to patients weighing up to 10kg. Acutronic Fabian HFO works in harmony with the patient and the clinical setting to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and control. Retaining all the standard modes of neonatal ventilation, Fabian HFO also offers

nCPAP and bi-level nCPAP in conjunction with single-use products such as Inspire nCPAP. Easy to read real-time graphic waveforms, trend screens, respiratory mechanics module and overlaid loops are displayed on a clear, bright, large touch-screen TFT display with “One Touch” settings, interactive full alphanumeric keyboard, simple, direct, intuitive commands and menus. Fabian HFO is a compact, lightweight ventilator with an easy-to-use colour touch screen display, making it ideal for use in the Neonatal Unit. Plus, with its 2.5hour battery it is ideal for transportation.


1. HFO (High Frequency Oscillation) with Volume Guarantee

2. nCPAP and bi-level nCPAP with leak compensation, adjustable rate and inspiratory time

3. O2 therapy with HFNC (High Flow Nasal Cannula)

4. Uniquely designed HFO module makes the Fabian HFO the quietest HFO ventilator in the world

5. Bright, colourful screen

6. Simple and easy to use

7. Portable, ideal for transport

8. Optional trolley and patient arm

Monitoring & Advanced Functions:

1. Flow, volume, pressure loops, FiO2 monitoring, all parameters available at a glance.

2. Real time lung function loops, freeze function.

3. Continuous verification of flow, O2 sensor conditions and ventilator functions.

4. In-line EtCO2 (mainstream and sidestream) option.

5. Option for video-assisted intubation, with pop-up screen.

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Safe, effective, low stretch lung protective ventilation

Based on the established technology of the Model 3100A ventilator, the 3100B High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFOV) from CareFusion adds the performance capabilities necessary for adult ventilation and is approved for the treatment of acute respiratory failure in adults and children weighing more than 35 kilograms.

The 3100B HFOV provides you continuous distending pressures up to 55 cmH2O to recruit and normalize your patient’s lung architecture while ventilating with near dead space tidal volumes for safe, effective, low stretch lung protection.

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The 3100A High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator (HFOV) from CareFusion is the only high frequency oscillatory ventilator approved in the United States for early intervention in the treatment of neonatal respiratory failure. The 3100A HFOV provides the lung protective tools to treat your patients by inflating the lung with a continuous distending pressure and superimposing very small pressure and volume

swings to achieve ventilation. Numerous publications have reported improved benefits and outcomes associated with the use of HFOV. The Alliance of Children’s Hospitals, Inc. has awarded their prestigious Seal of Acceptance to the 3100A HFOV. The seal establishes Standards of Excellence for pediatric products and creates a new standard of expectations for pediatric product users.

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CWH – 1020

Main Features:

Applied for adult and pediatric Microprocessor controlled ,integrated anesthetic ventilation system 7 inch TFT display screen Safety Good air tightness, high reliability

Main specifications:

Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven Patient spectrum: pediatric to bariatric Ventilation

Patient spectrum: pediatric to bariatric Ventilation mode: VCV, SIMV, PCV, MANUAL(BAG) Tidal volume: Adjustment range 20 ~1500ml I:E ratio: 4:1~1:8


Adjustment range: 1~100bpm Under IPPV and Manual mode: 4~65bpm Under SIMV: 1~ 40bpm


VT, MV, BPM, Paw, FiO2, PEEP, Respiratory Frequency, I:E ratio, Ppeak


Pressure- time, Flow- time, F-V loop, P-V loop Power: AC 220V±10%, 50HZ±2%, built-in battery > 2hrs(rechargeable) 12V Inspiratory time (TI) (at SIMV) — Adjustment range: 0.2 s ~ 6.0 s (the limit of I:E ratio ≤ 4) Pressure trigger: -20 cmH2O ~ +20 cmH2O Power: AC 220V±10%, 50HZ±2%, built-in battery > 2hrs(rechargeable) 12V Inspiratory time (TI) (at SIMV) — Adjustment range: 0.2 s ~ 6.0 s (the limit of I:E ratio ≤ 4) Pressure trigger: -20 cmH2O ~ +20 cmH2O

Pressure limit:

Patient airway pressure range: -2kPa ~ 10kPa Airway pressure monitoring range: 0 ~10kPa PEEP: 3 ~ 20cmH2O Safety valve pressure limit: ≤ 6kPa Alarm: High(low) pressure alarm, High(Low) MV alarm,AC power lost alarm.

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CWM 302

2 vaporizers, 5 tubes o2, n2o and air flowmeter, ventilator, oxygen flush system, 8. 4inchscreen,compact breathing loop System,knob operation, build-in battery and accessories.

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